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02.09.2016 Company Brochure 2016 / Imagebroschüre 2016

We rank among the world’s leading ship managers and providers of services for the maritime industry. In addition to ship management business, we offer extensive asset management services and financing solutions for investments – for our own fleet as well as third-party ships.

To learn more about us, please download our company brochure.
28.06.2016 Corporate Report 2015

This Corporate report provides a clear summary of the latest key facts and figures on the Offen Group, as well as introducing the members of the Offen team, who are dependable partners for our customers.
Unternehmensbericht 2015

In diesem Unternehmensbericht sind die wichtigsten aktuellen Zahlen und Daten der Offen Group übersichtlich zusammengefasst. Zugleich stellt sich das Offen-Team als verlässlicher Partner persönlich vor.