Ship Management

Our Philosophy

Delivering technical reliability and profitability requires deep expertise. With over 50 years experience in ship management and ownership we can deliver that expertise for your future projects.

Our Expertise

Our ship management team is internationally renowned for its quality, reliability and innovative approach. We have in-depth knowledge of today’s energy efficiency measures as well as emission and environmental requirements. From design concepts, feasibility studies and contract negotiations through to building site supervision we can ensure smooth delivery of your future projects.

Our Services

All vessels are managed based on the requirements of the ISM Code, their design, class and flag state as well as the individual requirements of the charterer, and last but not least, the ship owner.

Core responsibilities of our management team, consisting of technical and nautical superintendents are to:

  • Organize and implement maintenance work
  • Continuously assess the ship's condition using our planned maintenance system and onboard inspections
  • Plan and supervise dry-dockings
  • Restock spare parts, lubricating oil and other consumables and supplies
  • Prepare and control budgets
  • Maximise energy efficiency when operating the fleet
  • Weather routing
  • Control of frequent inspection of nautical, communication and safety
  • Statutory certification
  • Newbuilding supervision
  • Implementation of new technical developments

The management team has a vast experience both on and offshore and is standby 24/7 for the vessels. In addition to these day-to-day management tasks, we offer our services for conversion, retrofit and new build projects.

Our Objective

Our objective is to deliver the best quality at competetive prices for ship supplies and all maintenance work by utilising our long-term relationships with major suppliers, service providers and dockyards.

Our Commitment to our Clients

With more than 50 years experience of delivering technical ship management , Offenship is committed to delivering a quality service and ensuring your projects and ships are managed to the highest standards.

Offen Group – The Quality Provider